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“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

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What is BiaVest?

BiaVest is Ireland’s only dedicated food investment vehicle, formed by two of Ireland’s leading food executives. Both are highly experienced, successful professionals, driven by a desire to help quality food brands maximise their potential. As Ireland’s first food-focused private equity company, we are committed to investing in high quality food brands, a strategy stemming from our own success with – and passion for – food. We are building a diversified portfolio of food and food-related brands with potential for both domestic and international growth, through strategic investment, stealthful marketing and product development.

How does BiaVest work?

Rooted in Ireland, with its global reputation for quality staple foods and ingredients, BiaVest is ideally placed to target domestic and European food sectors.

Access to private equity enables us to implement our buy-and-build strategies immediately and unhindered. This is a process that involves investment, partnership and a seat on the client company’s board. This skin-in-the-game approach demonstrates BiaVest’s commitment and dedication, which in turn leads to commercial success. In this ever-evolving and challenging category, BiaVest offers start-ups, SMEs and family business owners access to much more than capital. We bring a highly successful and experienced team of C-Suite Executives and Entrepreneurs – from food, drink and food services. 

Why the BiaVest Partnership is Different?

BiaVest has the solidity of an established entity, combined with the versatility of a business that can move quickly and calmly. BiaVest is in a position to make decisions and calculated choices at a time when other players may be confused, disoriented or wrong-footed by the changed environment and the challenges it brings.